Easy riddles in English. Nine mangoes riddle. Text version of Nine mangoes riddle. There were nine mangoes. Three were rotten, how many mangoes are left? Please *** Scroll*** down ***View and Download

Find the number math riddle in English

Math riddles in English. Find the number math riddle. Text version of Find the number math riddle. If1=52=253=1254=6255=? Please * * * scroll* * * down* * *to* * *View and Download

Barbershop riddle in English

Riddles in English. Barbershop riddle. The man has no hair on his head still he regularly goes to the barbershop.  Why? Please*** scroll*** down*** to*** view*** the*** Answer: Because heView and Download

Five frogs riddle in English

English riddles. Five frogs riddle in English. Five frogs riddle in English. Five frogs were sitting on a wall beside a pond.Three frogs decided to jump off.How many are leftView and Download