Laugh till you cry jokes

Some funny jokes for fun. Some of these jokes are so hilarious that they will have you in tears! If you’re looking for a few laughs, here are a few funny jokes.

Water splash joke

Water splash joke in English

Wife: Why do you wake me up every day with a splash of water on my face?
Husband: Because your father said that you are as tender as a flower. So I keep it fresh with a splash of water every day.

Political leader joke

Political leader joke in English

Interview with one leader
Journalist: If a person is dying without food, what will you do then?
Leader: I will give food.
Journalist: If there is no food at that time.
Leader: Even then, I will at least assure him of food.

Repeated theft jokeĀ 

Repeated theft joke in English

Judge: Why did you go to the same store five times to steal?
Defendant: In fact, my wife did not like the print of the dress.

Difference between animal vs human joke

Difference between animal vs human joke in English

Friend 1: What is the difference between a human baby and an animal baby?
Friend 2: For example, a baby goat grows up to be a goat, a donkey grows up to be a donkey. But human beings grow up to be goats, donkeys or can be anything.

Which kind of wife joke

Which kind of wife joke in English

Question: What kind of wife does a husband need?
Answer: A wife who will always love him, a wife who cooks very well and a wife who will take care of the children, and these three wives should live together in harmony.

Water level joke

Water level joke in English

Staff: Sir, the floodwaters are flowing one meter above the danger line. What to do?
Officer: Make the danger line two meters above.

Shop opening joke

Shop opening joke in English

Jailer: What will you do after getting out of jail?
Prisoner: I will open a jewelry store.
Jailer: Where will the money come from to open a jewelry store?
Prisoner: All I need is a hammer to open a jewelry store.

Your grandmother joke

Your grandmother joke in English

Friend 1: Why does your grandmother always read scripture?
Friend 1: Yes, grandmother is getting ready for her final exam.

Entered the house joke

Entered the house joke in English

When he entered the house, he collided with his wife.
Wife: Ugh! Are you blind? Can’t you see?
Husband: Yes, I am blind because I married you.

Address of a lover joke

Address of a lover joke in English

Girlfriend: You live in my dreams, mind, thoughts…
Boyfriend: Someone made a fool of you.
Girlfriend: Why?
Boyfriend: Because I live at home.

Hold her hands joke

Hold her hand joke in English

Girl: When you guys propose to a girl, why do you hold hands at that time?
Boy: It’s for protection, it can prevent a slap.

Broken teeth joke

Broken teeth joke in English

Girl: How did your teeth break?
Boy: I laughed.
Girl: If you laugh, will your teeth break again?
Boy: I was laughing when I saw a funny wrestler.

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