Just for laugh funny jokes

Just for laugh funny jokes

Laughter is the best medicine. Humor has been shown to relieve pain and stress, increase positive emotions, and strengthen your immune system among other benefits. There are many different types of humor all with different effects–but here are some of the funniest jokes just for laugh!

Scared father funny joke

Scared father funny joke in English

Sando: My father is not courageous enough.
Rupo: Why?
Sando: He holds my hand tightly whenever we cross the road.

Homework funny joke

Homework funny joke in English

Teacher: Why didn’t you do the homework?
Sando: Because I live in a hostel.

Sad life funny joke

Sad life funny joke in English

Sando: It’s better to die than to live such a life.
Messenger of death: I have an order to take your life.
Sando: Surprise! Can’t people say something just for fun?

Four people funny joke

Four people funny joke in English

Killer: I came to kill the man sitting at that table.
Person: There are four people at that table.
Killer: Who has a mustache.
Person: Everyone has a mustache.
Killer: That red shirt.
Person: Everyone is wearing red clothes.
After the killer got angry and fired a gun and shot three people—this time I came to kill the man who is still alive.

Wife is praying funny joke

Wife is praying funny joke in English

The wife is praying.
O God, look at my husband, give him money, give him a car and a house.
I don’t want anything from you. Give my husband whatever he wants. I know how to take from him.

Wife joke

Wife joke in English

Friend 1: What is the difference between a wife, a spouse, a bride and a housewife?
Friend 2: Don’t think so much about these things before marriage. These are many names of the same problem.

Bus journey funny joke

Bus journey funny joke in English

Once a teacher was teaching his students in class. At that point he questioned Sando.
Teacher: What is the difference between Sando, bus driver and conductor?
Sando: The thing is, if the bus conductor falls asleep, no one will get a ticket, but if the bus driver falls asleep, everyone’s ticket to heaven will be confirmed.

Homework problem funny joke

Homework problem funny joke in English

Teacher: Why don’t you do your homework?
Student: There was no electricity in the house.
Teacher: Then why not light a candle?
Student: There was no match.
Teacher: Why was there no match?
Student: Matches were kept in the garbage room.
Teacher: Then why didn’t you bring matches from the garbage room?
Student: The room is dirty, and I can’t take a bath or wash my hands.
Teacher: Why didn’t you take a bath?
Student: There was no water.
Teacher: Why was there no water?
Student: The motor was not running.
Teacher: Why was the motor not running?
Student: I told you, there was no electricity in the house.

Makeup funny joke

Makeup funny joke in English

Husband: You look very beautiful without any makeup.
Wife: You can tell me directly that I am not getting money for makeup.

Beautiful wife funny joke

Beautiful wife funny joke in English

Wife from the kitchen: I am looking very beautiful today.
Husband: How do you know?
Wife: Seeing me today, the bread is burning.

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