New TV for Pelto joke

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Eating eggs joke

Laughter jokes in English Eating eggs joke Text version of Eating eggs jokeFriend 1: Once I ate eleven eggs at a go.Friend 2: I once ate forty nine eggs atView More

Earthquake at night joke

Fat wife and her husband jokes Earthquake at night joke Text version of Earthquake at night jokeWham! Pow! Smash!Husband: Earthquake! Earthquake!Wife: Why are you shouting like this? It is becauseView More

Lazy friend joke in English

New Jokes in English. Lazy friend joke Text version of lazy friend joke Bison 1- You lazy lamb.Bison 2- Lamb is good, ha ha.Bison 1- You are a goat.Bison 2-View More

Firetruck question answer joke

Firetruck question answer joke. Text version of Firetruck question answer joke. Son: Dad, what is a firetruck?Dad: Firetrucks are actually water trucks but people call them firetrucks.View More

Three tall buildings joke in English

Various funny jokes in English. Give me a drum joke in English Boy: Dad, can you buy me a drum?Father: No, because you will disturb everyone by beating the drumView More